Your Daily Simple Truth!

Wisdom is understanding and truth. Clever is just connecting the dots. Vivat Jesus

The body is a continuation of God’s creation. The Soul is a new heavenly creation formed at the very beginning of each person’s life. Vivat Jesus

It is always possible to forgive. Vivat Jesus

The foundation and destination of a lie is evil and failure. The destination of the Truth is greatness, big and small. Vivat Jesus

Respect for authority is required absent a moral or ethical obligation. Vivat Jesus

I am a creature not the creator. I am dependent upon God, our Creator, for everything. Vivat Jesus

For man, death appears to be final. For God, a man’s death is a new beginning. Vivat Jesus

Our free will allows us to choose good or evil. It does not permit us to choose the consequences. Vivat Jesus

The consequences of your choices can often be unpleasant. Vivat Jesus

Traveling at the speed of thought is unnatural, but it would be divinely quick! Vivat Jesus