Your Daily Simple Truth!

If you are looking down on someone else, you cannot see what is in front of you or God above. Vivat Jesus

If you are full of yourself, you have no room left for anyone else or God. Vivat Jesus

God’s Mercy is boundless yet ours is so sparingly offered. Vivat Jesus

Marriage is a sacred trust and like trust must be earned each day. Vivat Jesus

Hold on to the truth or the lies of this world will wash you away. Vivat Jesus

Moses brought us God’s Ten Commandments. Jesus whittled this down to just two. Why is it so hard for us to remember and follow these? Vivat Jesus

The full wonder of God is beyond our grasp, but He often gives each of us a glimpse to make us aware of His presence. Vivat Jesus

While only God can judge you, your actions can be measured against God’s Commandments and thus be judged. Vivat Jesus

Trust takes time and effort, losing it takes only a single instant. Vivat Jesus

Life is the first of many miracles in each person’s life. Without Faith, none of them are recognized for the miracles they are. Vivat Jesus