Your Daily Simple Truth!

Faith can move mountains. Secularism digs a hole. Vivat Jesus

There is good and evil. Sin and pain comes from not understanding the difference. Vivat Jesus

To us, everything has a time and a place. To God, only if He so chooses. Vivat Jesus

If we truly know our place in creation, we are in awe of God. Vivat Jesus

By definition, a sacrifice is not an easy thing to do. Vivat Jesus

Greed, in part, is the failure to accept our dependence on God. Vivat Jesus

Human pride fails to see the magnificence and supreme nature of God or His presence in others. Vivat Jesus

Technology is not a creation; it only uses God’s creation. Vivat Jesus

Anyone can claim to be Catholic. To be Catholic requires one to understand, accept, and follow The Way of Jesus. Vivat Jesus

Any title or office is only as good as the holder’s faithfulness to the true essence of the title or office. Vivat Jesus