Your Daily Simple Truth!

It is easier to stumble in the dark than in the light. Vivat Jesus

Bear life’s crosses well, they just might be your path to Heaven. Vivat Jesus

The Catholic Church has a ‘family album’ that is thousands and thousands of years old. Vivat Jesus

Christ rose from the dead; will you follow Him? Vivat Jesus

How can you make progress toward Heaven each day if you only concentrate on earthly matters? Vivat Jesus

Once captured by the mind, an image is difficult to impossible to remove. Why not seek visions of the Good and Holy? Vivat Jesus

We spend a lifetime worrying about our bodies, yet it is our Soul that is eternal. Vivat Jesus

God’s Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness are there for our asking. Vivat Jesus

Ignorance is not knowing through no fault of our own. Choosing not to learn or believe is something else. Vivat Jesus

Honesty is our best attempt at the truth. Vivat Jesus