Your Daily Simple Truth!

“Leaders” often excel at moving the goal post on those they “serve” as they near their target. Vivat Jesus

We meander through life way more than going in a straight line from A to B. Vivat Jesus

The speed limit on the road is not a challenge for you to go faster….. Vivat Jesus

How good is a hug? Just imagine one from Jesus! Vivat Jesus

Heaven shines on those who seek God’s presence in this world. Vivat Jesus

If you take the time to notice, most handicapped people are very good natured. Vivat Jesus

The handicapped have an excuse, you probably don’t. Vivat Jesus

Good manners are welcome, especially when they are not there. Vivat Jesus

If you hope to claim a share of the victory, you have to do your part, no matter how small. Vivat Jesus

Once you get to heaven, all your sins and troubles will be gone. Vivat Jesus