Your Daily Simple Truth!

Wisdom is knowledge fully aligned with the Truth and God’s Will. Vivat Jesus

Do not place a burden on someone else that you should, in good conscience, carry yourself. Vivat Jesus

We all have past deeds that align with and other which fail to align with God’s Will. Reflect and repent of those that failed to align, but concentrate on repeating and building on those deeds which do align with God’s Will. Vivat Jesus

There are those who firmly believe if you can’t be wise, be as confident as possible regardless of the Truth or impact of your position. Vivat Jesus

The gap between what someone says and what they do can be quite instructive about their heart and values. Vivat Jesus

The hard choices in life may well be one of the “gates” you need to pass on the way to Life Eternal. Choose well…. Vivat Jesus

Like a virus or bacteria, evil will seek and hide in the healthy or attached to a perceived good, for its own wicked ends. Vivat Jesus

Being well-intended does not remove our culpability for any evil done in support of the well-intended ends. Vivat Jesus

Many clamor for seeking “the common good”, “being tolerant”, “being inclusive”, showing tolerance”, “opposing the oppressor”, “taking humane actions” and such like, but don’t stop to think about the full and likely adverse consequences of their “well-intentioned” deeds. Vivat Jesus

Being humane in action always sounds appropriate unless of course it is intricately linked with evil actions, intent, or consequences. In such circumstances, it is hardly humane. Vivat Jesus