Your Daily Simple Truth!

Like any virtue, tolerance untested is just a word or claim. Tested it quickly moves to an opportunity for growth and charity. Vivat Jesus

In today’s world it seems like the more some people shout for tolerance the less they have of it. Vivat Jesus

Love of others is certainly a gift you receive, but one you should give freely as well. Vivat Jesus

Health is always underappreciated until you suffer a sudden lack of it. Vivat Jesus

Success in your plan can only happen if you can adapt to the realities of this world while staying focused on Life Eternal. Vivat Jesus

It would appear that weather forecasters do need trade in reality 100% of the time! Vivat Jesus

Only a few stood at the foot of the cross. Few will also be with you at your time of need. Vivat Jesus

Getting in the game is a requirement for winning. Vivat Jesus

Trash simply does not get better in our times, unless you speak of millennia. Vivat Jesus

It is most amazing that in a single moment of conversion and Faith, a lifetime of sins can be erased by God’s Mercy. Vivat Jesus