Your Daily Simple Truth!

Just let go of what is dragging you down. Vivat Jesus

If you find yourself bragging about your interpersonal skills, then you really don’t have them. Vivat Jesus

A weighty proposition is either a crushing burden or one heck of an opportunity. Vivat Jesus

It can lift your spirits to run across someone who is just plain a nice person. Vivat Jesus

Some just seem to have a talent for making life difficult. Vivat Jesus

Marriage is not “an arrangement until further notice.” Vivat Jesus

Just as a small seed, with time, can lead to a large tree; So too, your small act of kindness can yield an abundant harvest. Vivat Jesus

Doing your best is most often not about just sitting around and waiting for God to do something for you. Do your part…. Vivat Jesus

Stepping all over everyone to get ahead doesn’t leave you on a very firm foundation. Vivat Jesus

Being polite and having good manners requires that you always see another’s God given value and worth. Be humble… Vivat Jesus