Your Daily Simple Truth!

We often wonder how so many can be so wrong, while we can be so right. Vivat Jesus

See others for who they are and what they may need, not as obstacles or a means to your needs and wishes. Vivat Jesus

Willfully being blind to the Truth is a definition of stupid. Vivat Jesus

Being blind to the Truth doesn’t make it less truthful. Vivat Jesus

Help those for whom just keeping alive is a full-time job. Vivat Jesus

Our lowest moment is often the first step to our greatest height of success. Vivat Jesus

The world seeks to force its will on us. God gave us Free Will to choose between good and evil. Vivat Jesus

The least used of our many senses is our common sense! Vivat Jesus

Get over yourself and open your heart to God’s Will. Vivat Jesus

Be kind when you feel the least like being kind. Vivat Jesus