Your Daily Simple Truth!

Remember where you got your gifts and talents when you are thinking you are on top of the world. Many won’t and then suffer a harsh reminder. Vivat Jesus

It has famously been said that prudence is right reason in action. Today, many don’t understand this virtue and lack both the reasoning and proper action components. Vivat Jesus

To stray from the Faith is a scandal and taints our world. To hold true to the Faith leads to Saints in this world and the next. Vivat Jesus

It is most unfortunate that much of the world has not yet accepted Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is utterly depressing when, by their actions, church leaders fail to demonstrate the true Faith in our Lord. Vivat Jesus

Have Faith, particularly in desperate times, as nothing is impossible for God. Vivat Jesus

Be careful when you get that feeling that you just can’t win no matter how hard you try. Don’t despair and miss any special calling or message from the Lord. Vivat Jesus

Be careful when you get that feeling that everything is going your way, and you just can’t miss. It is times like that you are most vulnerable to temptation and sin. Vivat Jesus

Reaching out to others just might lift their day and yours as well. Vivat Jesus

Many seek “life in the fast lane’ without much thought to where they are really headed. Vivat Jesus

It is much harder to care for others if you don’t care much about what is good for yourself or if you don’t care much too much about yourself. Vivat Jesus