Your Daily Simple Truth!

The very cruel and evil have had a lot of practice. Vivat Jesus

To truly appreciate an accomplished goal is to realize that it is just the start of the next opportunity. Vivat Jesus

Too many seem to over feed their bodies while starving their brains. Vivat Jesus

Our world suffers from wasted brains and wasted pains. Vivat Jesus

Conversion has found a spark of the Almighty. Vivat Jesus

Our free will is on full display when the Truth will not soften a hardened heart. Vivat Jesus

There is no way to flee from the Lord. He will keep calling you back. Vivat Jesus

Prayer is evidence of your Faith. Vivat Jesus

Sin is like taking on water in your boat. You best get rid of it quickly as it is not helping you stay afloat. Vivat Jesus

Sin will grow in you unless you constantly keep pruning it back. Vivat Jesus